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essica Varela is a San Diego based makeup artist with more than 11 years experience creating looks for weddings, special occasions, print, the runway, and television. 


​Jessica Varela's blog is a lot about makeup and a little about more!

Raising Varela - Standing Reach

Jessica Varela


In the sport of basketball, height, wingspan, and standing reach are three “measurables” associated with players. Standing reach is defined as “the measure of how high an athlete can reach while standing flat footed,” and is calculated by subtracting the highest point a player can touch while jumping from the highest point a player can touch while standing.

In the 2009 NBA Draft Combine, Connecticut center Hasheem Thabeet, who stood at seven feet one inches (without shoes) and spanned seven feet six inches, had a standing reach of nine feet, five inches. Amazing. But what I find even more amazing is that my 20-month-old could probably school Thabeet at reaching items that seem to be out of reach.

No matter how high (or pushed back) an object may be, she can always reach it. She may cheat a little and stand on her tippy toes from time to time, but she always succeeds. I’ve watched her. She zooms in on her target, juts her arm out, extends her fingers, wriggles her wrist, and before I can even react, she has the item in her hands.

Some days, I feel like I do nothing but constantly move items out of her small, pudgy grip. It's like a game, a game of chess …and she’s winning. Even now as I finish this blog, she’s got her arm outstretched over my dining table trying to grab the keyboard! 

Standing reach should be defined as “the measure of how high a child can reach with lots of determination, curiosity, sticky fingers, and fearlessness.”

Want to know more about my life as a So Cal mom or my work as a makeup artist? Send me an email with your contact information and I will get back to you as soon as I can.  Look forward to hearing from you!