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essica Varela is a San Diego based makeup artist with more than 11 years experience creating looks for weddings, special occasions, print, the runway, and television. 


​Jessica Varela's blog is a lot about makeup and a little about more!

Wedding Day Beauty Prep - Eyebrows

Jessica Varela

We can't all have Poppy and Cara Delevingne's perfect brows, but we can sure try.  Photo - Telegraph UK

We can't all have Poppy and Cara Delevingne's perfect brows, but we can sure try.

Photo - Telegraph UK

One of my colleagues used to say, “If the eyes are the window to the soul, then the eyebrows are the frame.” She was right. Brows frame your face and “support” the structure of your face. If shaped correctly and groomed regularly, you can literally change the structure of your face…and look put together (with or without makeup)!

As you can see, eyebrows are an important component of your makeup routine and if they are this important every day, they should definitely not be neglected for THE most important day of your life – your wedding day! As you’re putting together your bridal beauty to-do-list, don’t forget to pencil in a brow appointment. And, don’t put it too far down on the list. You may need a few months (or more) to get your eyebrows picture perfect.

 To help you get your brows in tip-top shape, here are a few key eyebrow shaping tips I talk about in my Brow Counseling class: 


 If you need hair growth, no touchy, touchy! I know how hard it is to fight the urge to tweeze, but do whatever you have to do to resist grabbing those tweezers! Have your maid of honor hide your tweezers, throw them away or cover them in peanut butter… just don’t pluck!

Your eyebrows are hair and should be treated like your hair. Massage a little conditioner in them when you’re in the shower and comb them regularly with a brow brush. I like MAC’s 204 Lash Brush.

Sometimes you need help, so when the going gets tough, try a brow growth serum like nueBROW or Rapidlash. 


 WHO is shaping them? Listen carefully…just because someone waxes/threads/tweezes brows does not mean they know how to shape them! Shaping is an art and in my opinion, only a few are true artists. Best bet: Find someone who has a shape you like and ask them for a referral.

WHAT are they using? Are they using wax, threads or tweezers to remove hair? A good eyebrow guru will do what’s best for your brows at the time of your appointment (hint, it may not always be a waxing).

WHERE are they removing hair? You and your eyebrow guru should come to an agreement of what shape is best suited to your face and where hair may or may not need to be removed before any hair is removed.


What’s your brow goal? Lusting after the bigger, bushier brows of the moment or are you crazy about Jean Harlow’s razor sharp arch? Let your goal determine what and how much eyebrow maintenance you need.

With the right help and minimal effort, you and your brows will be more than ready for your wedding day! 

If you'd like to have some brow counseling yourself, shoot me an email or sign up for one of my Brow Counseling classes - it's free!