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essica Varela is a San Diego based makeup artist with more than 11 years experience creating looks for weddings, special occasions, print, the runway, and television. 


​Jessica Varela's blog is a lot about makeup and a little about more!


Jessica Varela


I want your skin to shine as bright as you, but if you’ve been feeling a little selfie shy lately, maybe it’s time for a check-up - a skin check-up that is.

Our skin is loaded with a number of tasks…not only does it protect us from the elements and other yucky stuff, it also regulates our body temperature and allows us to feel things (hot, cold, etc.). With so much to take care of, it’s important we take care of it.

So, how the heck do you know if your skin needs some TLC? Or maybe you’d like to get to know your skin better? Either way, I’ve discovered a super simple way to help you determine what’s going on with your skin. Start by asking yourself 3 questions -

Is my skin blemished, red, dry, flaky, patchy or rough?

If you answered yes to the first question, congratulations, you’re not alone! According to the American Academy of Dermatology, more than 85 million Americans suffer from some type of skin disease (i.e. acne, dermatitis, inflammation, etc.).

Now, for the good news…most skin conditions like those mentioned can be treated! Read on for some help on treating common skin conditions, but please note: I am NOT a medical doctor or esthetician. (👇🏼see below).

It’s also important to remember: the skin is complex and I HIGHLY recommend seeing a dermatologist or skincare professional on a regular basis to address any concerns you have, especially when it comes to abnormal or irregular moles and/or skin.


Throughout the many years I’ve done makeup, I’ve found one of the most common causes of persistent acne to be overuse of acne treatments. A lot of acne treatments strip the skin of natural oils and moisture, which can lead to overproduction of oils and ultimately, more acne.


If you’re experiencing redness or dryness, it’s likely your skin isn’t getting enough moisture. But, in some cases, redness can be caused by other skin conditions like rosacea. Best to get it checked if you’re experiencing a lot of redness that just won’t go away.


Rough or flaky skin is commonly caused by a build-up of dead skin cells. If you’ve noticed either of these, it may be time to exfoliate. When exfoliating, I always go with a mild chemical exfoliator first before trying a topical exfoliator like a scrub.


Feel like you’ve got darker patches popping up all around your face? These patches are most likely hyperpigmentation or melasma. A number of factors can contribute to hyperpigmentation like pregnancy, certain medications, and sun exposure. For mild to moderate hyperpigmentation, look for skincare with brightening agents. And, remember to protect your face from the sun!

Is my skin shiny or matte when I wake up?

On to the second question…is your skin shiny or not shiny?? There’s no right or wrong answer here, this is simply a prompt to help you determine the state of your skin on a daily basis. Our skin can change on the daily and maybe today you need more moisture then you did yesterday. Healthy skin has some shine to it naturally, so a little sheen is ok. Excess oil or matte skin may mean its time switch up your daily skincare regimen.

Does my skin “bounce” back when I gently touch my face with a finger?

And finally, does your skin bounce back when you press it gently? Skin that doesn’t bounce back or “collapses” can be a dryness indicator. Healthy skin will “spring” back almost like a sponge.

Skin isn’t just an accessory, you’re stuck with it for the rest of your life! So, go do your skin check-up, don’t forget to wear sunscreen, and when in doubt, see a dermatologist!


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